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Tom's Fire Tender Tool

- T&M Products & Design, LLC is proud to introduce -

CampfireTom's Fire Tenders

A one of a kind campfire tool that provides consumers with a SAFE and convenient campfire experience.

If you are currently using a wooden stick or other form of fire poker we guarantee that you will be AMAZED at how the steel claw easily grabs the wood!

This unique campfire tool enables the user to safely pick up and place small kindling or large logs into the fire at a safe proximity.

Tom's Campfire Tenders Breakdown ModelThis all steel campfire tool breaks down to half the length, (52" to 26") just by unscrewing it like a pool cue. Slip it into the included tote bag and your ready for your next safe campfire experience at any location – Relax and Enjoy, while practicing campfire safety!

This Product is proudly manufactured completely in the USA.